Household Batteries (no leaking or broken; tape ends)

Fluorescent tubes and bulbs

Small Electronics (TVs, computers, etc.)

Small Appliances (non-Freon (microwaves, toasters, etc.))

Paper for shredding (limit 4 boxes)

Foam Blocks and Peanuts (Clean & Dry - no labels and tape)

Clothing (Pants and Shirts)

Small Propane Canisters (camp stove size)



Non-Recyclable/Reusable items

Garbage or Yard Waste

Commercial Loads Automotive Waste

Curtains and Drapes

Car Seats

Hazardous Waste

Latex Paint

Large Appliances

Construction Waste

Service provided on a first come, first serve basis - trucks will leave when full. We reserve the right to refuse oversized, contaminated,

Info on disposal of non-accepted items:


Waste Management  /  Northwest Center  /  Styro Recycle  /  Seadrunar  /  Friendly Earth  /  Windermere Real Estate Mount Baker

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