Revision Arts is Art for ALL!, with a focus on artists with all types of disabling conditions and others who consider themselves underrepresented.

Thursday, May 19th
5:30 - 7:30PM
Refreshments will be served

Windermere Real Estate Mount Baker
4919 South Genesee Street
Seattle, WA 98118

Featured Artists

Hawo Ali
Wais Ali
Esref Armagan
Julia Byrne-Gossett
Doris Carlton

Jean Cavanaugh
Elaine Demeter
Karen Gjelsteen
Camille Jassny
Robert Koval

Barbara Oswald
Sandra Pressley
Leyah Sayler
Fresia Valdivia Galvez
Kazue Zon

About ReVision Arts

An INCLUSIVE art center in South Seattle that brings together people of ALL abilities to celebrate art!

ReVision Arts (Formerly MBNCA, Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts ) provides opportunities for artists at all levels, with special focus on creating an inclusive gallery experience.

We welcome artists with disabilities, from under served communities and artists who are emerging and underrepresented.

Support artists! Visit the gallery to view and purchase artwork, jewelry, cards and gifts by local and national artists.

Join us for a class or workshop! Our workshops are accessible for people of all abilities.

In 2019 Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts (MBNCA)’s board, along with our Seattle University intern, several of our artists, and founder Barbara Oswald spent nine months rebranding our non-profit. At our 2018 annual fundraiser, Art in the Dark, we renewed our commitment and announced our new name. Our registered 501(c)3 Federal non-profit is titled South End Seattle Arts Center, and we are doing business as ReVision Arts. We remain an inclusive art-education organization in South Seattle.

Visit us online to make a one-time donation or set up automatic monthly payments.   www.revisionarts.org/

Barbara Oswald
Text/Phone: 206-734-1994

ReVision Artists

Alicia Wicks
Angkor Jewelry
Chantha Thoeun

Jean Cavenaugh
Shariana Mundi
Kharli Rose
Garrath Schuh

Mohamed Abdi
Yourdano Alemayehu
Helima Bedeso
Andre Brewer
Kalie Bui
Laura Castellanos
Cui Ting Chen
Sophia Dang
Amy Do
Addy Eder
Beata Gando
Anthony Hartsfield
Fahola Hasson
Anise Jilo
Erin Kinney
Sarah Lam
Michael Lawson
Xavier Lopez
Alexis Ngor
Jasmine Nguyen
Josue Lazado Osario
Christina Phane-Kham
Gilberto Polacios
Angela Rho
Stacy Schierholtz
Vincent So

Thang Tran
Gateway Arts
Susan Entin
Claude Fourel
Jane Tarlow

Robert Ross

Elaine Demeter
Jerry Oswald
Kim Pearson
Open Studio Cambodia
Morn Chear


Ann Fagan
Camille Jassney
Leyah Sayler
Stacy Thurston
Suzanne Tidewell

Talis Abolins
Tesfaldet Adhanom
Hawo Ali
Wais Ali
Gaia Muskaan Alphonse
Darishma Alphonse
Esref Armagan
Carolyn Autenrieth
Stephanie Ayhens
Terry Berg
Louise Blake
Ann Boles
Canyon Bowden
John Bramblitt

Louise Britton
Suzanne Brooker
Doris Carlton
Rosemary Carroll
Carol Castaneda
Fai Coffin
Melissa Cole
Susan Cole
Don Conrard
Curt Cundiff
Alan Cunningham
Alisha Dall'osto
Lisa Daniels
Lauren Davis
Lynn Debeal
Mary Denend
Bill Dilley
John Dunkerley
Anne Edstrom Dziok
Zan Edson
Erika Enomoto
Erika Fardig
Jonathan Fearer
Devena Fortes
Rosemarie Fortney
Allison Fortney
Fresia Valdevia Galvez
Ben Gammon
Brian Garcia
Karen Gjelsteen
Ari Glass
Ozias Goodwin
Shaughn Gorman
Julia Burnes Gossett
Paul Grodziak
Lynn Guttman
Tom Haddy
Mary Ellen Haley
Karel Hendee

Theresa Henson
Esmerelda Hernandez
Katie Hogan
Peter Horan
Claire Johnson
Deborah Kapoor
Owen Kearny
Jaymz Kennedy
Elise Koncsek
Flora Carlisle Kovacs
Bob Koval
Diane Kroll
Adrienne La Faye
Lynda Lasich
Fiona Lau
Betty Laughlin
Steven Lawrence
Shawn Lawrence
J Troy Lazenby
Katherine Lewis
Sierra Logan
John Lucas
Ed Maher
Norman Mainwaring
Kelsey Maney
Elinor M Maroney
Gustavo Martinez
Crista Matteson
Katie McDonald
Maureen McManus
Kathleen McNutt
Infinite Milam
Carol Milne
Annie Moorehouse
Cara Franklin Moytoy
Alex Ng
Doriane Nieburgs
Deborah Nimmons
Hanako O'Leary

Barbara O'Steen
Barbara Oswald
Vandra Pentecost
Jason Picar
Jake Prendez
Sandra Pressley
Mary Proudfoot
Judith Rayl
Ray Redd
Karen Robertson
Lola Robledo
Louise Roby
Craig Rogers
Caetlyn Rooney
Randy Rowland
Karen Ruth
Amaranta Sandys
Blanca Santander
Margrit Schubiger
Akiva Ken Segan
Gay Seydlitz
Lily Singh
Preston Singletary
Eunice Smith
Nona Smith
Sue Springer
Theresa Stein
Jim Stevens
Nancy Stokely
Polly Sutton
M. Anne Sweet
Deb Taylor
Jan Tervonen
Emanate Melody Turner
Bernhard Uhl
Andrew Vallee
Lucy VanZanden

Pieter VanZanden
Rebecca Wachtman
Debbie Waller
Jane Walster
Randy WarrenDeanne Weldermuth
Matt Wittaker
Marnye Woodrum
Gordon Woods
Suze Woolf
Olivia Zapata
Mike Zaweski
Kazue Zon

Wais Ali
Carol Casteneda
Lauren Davis
John Dunkersly
Zan Edson
Karel Hendee
Will Hornyak
Kathleen McNutt
Sherianna Mundi
Alex Ng
Barbara Oswald
Vandra Pentecost
Sandra Presley
Karen Robertson
Lola Robledo
Stacy Shierholtz
Lily Singh
Jim Stevens
Nancy Stokely
Deb Taylor
Fresia Valdevia
Rebecca Wachtman
Marnye Woodrum

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