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About Molly Chapin:

As far back as I can remem­ber, I wanted to be an artist. The days we had art class in elementary school were the highlight of my week, and as soon as I stepped foot in that room the rest of the world would fall away as I focused on perfecting the details of each project. I then started taking art classes outside of school, needing to find fur­ther outlets to satiate the itch to create. Ever since, art has existed as an avenue for ex­pression and escape for me. It allows me to process the world through a lens that is just my own, without outside influence or agenda.

I paint with acrylic paint, and I prefer to mix all of my own colors. Each time I load up my pallet, I start with only red, blue, yellow, and white. I think this strategy brings more dimension to each piece I cre­ate. It forces me to spend qual­ity time with every square inch of the canvas, color matching and truly examining the val­ues of each shadow, the tones and hues of every fold of fabric or glint of light. I begin each painting with a rough under­painting sketch, blocking in large shapes and placement without executing any fine de­tail or being too exacting with form and proportion. This means that as I work, I con­stantly readjust and realign my subject matter. Each thing I paint lives, grows, and morphs before it reaches its final form. I think in a way, this makes the paintings feel more real. It im­bues each of them with a small portion of the human experi­ence we all grapple with daily; the discomfort and necessity of constant growth and change.

As a whole, I think that’s what my art is really about. Trying to navigate and survive the complexities of human ex­istence both through the cre­ative process and in the feel­ing of each finished product. I hope that anyone who spends time with my art can take some small piece of that catharsis with them.

You can find more of my work on Instagram, @molly­chapinart.


About Nancy Chapin:

I took my first picture when I was 10 years old at Girl Scout camp. All the images were blurred. Funny to me that 50 years later I sometimes strive to intentionally capture that look! It’s been a long time since I have called myself a “photographer.” I’m enjoying coming back to this old friend that gives me such delight and allows me to share how I experience the world.

In the past few years, I started paying more attention to the obvious beauty around me- snapping more pictures. It was like a visual diary – what I did, what I saw. More recently, it grew to include how I saw things. I noticed things about the City – light, shapes, reflections, juxtapo­sitions – seeing beauty where I hadn’t seen it before. And yet, it’s one thing to snap a picture of something beauti­ful, and a whole other journey to create your own unique in­terpretation or expression of what you see. This is where I dove head-first into trying new things, increasing my technical knowledge to ex­pand my creative expression. This included deepening my understanding of composi­tion and exploring new edit­ing techniques.

Digital photography is per­fect for trial and error, experi­menting, trying new things. My recent explorations with long exposure and night photogra­phy have upped the play and fun factor! It gets me outside at night, which, can be pretty magical, accessing a spiritual energy in the quiet of the Night that opens my creative juices.

I’m ever so grateful to my family and friends who toler­ate going on a walk with me when I’m constantly stopping to take pictures, or when out driving and I need to circle back around the block because I’ve seen something I want to photograph. And huge thanks to my dear photographer friends who patiently teach me and lead by example.

Follow me on Instagram @ nancy.chapin.seattle to see more!

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