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Four Northwest women artists explore the importance of place and identity using encaustic medium (a combination of beeswax and resin). Each artist brings her own vision to this ancient art form using a variety of materials including photography and pigments.

Thursday, January 31st  |  5:30 - 8:30 pm
Refreshments will be served

Windermere Real Estate Mount Baker
4919 South Genesee Street  |  Seattle, WA  98118




Ellen Zrimsek

Ellen has been studying and creating encaustic/mixed media art for 7 years. Her works focus primarily on landscapes and natural subjects inspired by travels into remote and scenic places. She finds the encaustic process endlessly fascinating due to the many types of media that can be incorporated in wax- including oil, India inks, graphite, pastels and wood glue. Ellen loves working with wax and heat because mystery and serendipity are always a major element in the co-creation of the finished piece.

She studied at Northwest Encaustic, Seattle Washington,  and is a member of the Museum of Encaustuc Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

(206) 384-2638


Sean Marshal Phelan

I started working with encaustic painting on a whim about six years ago and it has profoundly affected the way I see the world and the way I show up in it. Encaustic painting has introduced an expansive freedom to experiment, give up the illusion of controlling events, embrace happy accidents, and even fail with grace and renewed inspiration to try again without (too much) judgment. These experiences have spilled over into other aspects of my life, including my awareness and relationship to myself, my relationships, my work as a lawyer, and the way I see the world with a newfound sense of curiosity, inquisitiveness and delight at small, easily overlooked details. In this show my work is largely focused on the beauty that can be found in decay, corrosion, and marks left by the passage of time. We are living in a troubling time of crisis in our systems of government and global relationships, failing infrastructure, and massive climate change. In addition to activism, one of the ways I have found to resist despair in the face of this upheaval and change is to look for the beauty that resides in deterioration, rust, cracks and rot. My work in this show consists of photographs mounted on birch boards and covered in clear wax. I then embellished the images with rust or inks rubbed into the incised wax. With these techniques, I seek to highlight the destructive but also creative and beautiful effects of the elements and the passage of time.
(206) 355-4465


Brynn Blanchard

As a native Northwesterner and the child of a photographer, my art is rooted in photography and celebration of the Northwest landscape. Using encaustics, I can transform the chilly landscapes of the Salish Sea to a dreamy image and add light, color and dimension to landscapes ranging from Hood Canal to the San Juan Islands. Using wax, cold wax, oils and the stable wood panel, I hope to create a reminder of the natural beauty around us.
(206) 992-0840


Eliaichi Kimaro

Eliaichi is a self-taught artist and creative storyteller who will learn whatever medium it takes to tell the story that is emerging.  Over the past 40 years, she has used writing, music, photography, film, storytelling, and now encaustic mixed-media art to explore her personal/family narrative.

In 2016, Eliaichi was an Artist-in-Residence for Center on Contemporary Art (COCA) -- and last year, she was the recipient of the Artist Trust Fellowship, the CityArtist Grant through Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture, and a scholarship from the International Encaustic Association.

Eliaichi has served on numerous non-profit Boards, art grant panels, film festival juries, museum exhibition planning committees, and advisory committees. She is a member artist at Columbia City Gallery and the COCA Gallery, and a juried member of the City of Seattle’s Ethnic Artist Roster.
(206) 779-2653

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