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“To paint is to love again” – Henry Miller

I have always been a creative type, music was my first love, I played various instruments in high school, the clarinet, the marching drum and not leastly, the glockenspiel. Then one night I heard a rock guitarist in a nightclub and that changed everything for me. I went on a relentless pursuit to learn to play the guitar; I lived and breathed it. I went to Seattle Central Community Collage where I earned a degree in music. I found as many jam sessions as I could just so I could play. I met John Rogers who was a drummer and we began playing in various bands together amongst them, the Isaac Scott Blues Band, The Clonetones and our most successfully endeavor, Student Nurse. We wanted to make our living playing music, but we did not want to live in our VW bus, so in 1976 John and I opened Rubato Records on the eastside, that became my job for over 30 years.

I took on Rubato as sole proprietor in 2001 and moved the business to West Seattle. It was like starting at square one so while I waited for business to build up, I went back to school.  I was lucky; I found computers interesting and got a Web Development degree (2003), which landed me a job at the Boeing Company.

Other life changes were afoot. I found myself living in a new location with extra time on my hands. I decided to wander over to Daniel Smith Artist Supplies and look into getting a few tubes of watercolor paint (2014). I was really enjoying painting and I was getting good feedback from my friends. Then along came Stella Canfield, a lovely artist from Bulgaria who, through a few workshops, showed me how to be brave with my shapes and colors. I was hooked!

THEN…I went to support a friend, Mary Lamery, who had a couple of landscape oil paintings on exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum Rental Gallery. I was completely blown away by the colors and textures of her beautiful paintings. I went from the gallery directly back to the art supply store and got oil paints, canvases and brushes, right then and there I found my true creative love, oil painting.

I am a self-taught painter. One artist that I take great inspiration from is New Mexican artist Louisa McElwain (1953-2013), her bold, beautiful, large plein air paintings made me realize how a painting can make me feel so deeply. I watch her Youtube videos often to get deeper into that spirit. I love painting outdoors and try to do as much of it as I can. This current exhibition of paintings, which I have entitled “Outside/In”, reflects my love of nature and all it’s many wonders and aspects. While nature is not the only thing I paint, I have done portraits, animals and abstracts; nature is my least complicated companion.

Previous Exhibits

2018 Burien Arts Presents Vision 20/20 – group show

2017 Burien Arts Presents Vision 20/20 – group show

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