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Many of my images are of places where I've been and/or would want to wander.  Images of landscapes and landscapes with houses.  Perhaps because my father was an architect and I spent a lot of time as a child watching him draw houses and in crawling around construction sites, I became aware early on of the singular importance of these structures – in enclosing, protecting and soaking up the essence of the people they contain.  As for the figurative work, the aim is to express personal interiors, captured moments, moments of personal connections.

I enjoy exploring through paint, landscapes and cityscapes where possibilities lie behind every door or tree or bend in the road.  Stories abound there – and in the figural work as well.

Stylistically, I appreciate the power in simplicity of form, which I try to incorporate in both my landscapes and figural work. My goal in painting is simply to express my vision and create a response in the viewer.

While I sometimes work with multi-media materials or oil pastels on paper, most of my work is in acrylics. Basically, I enjoy employing the most direct route between my vision and the canvas or paper.

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I have been interested in Photography for a long time. In the past I concentrated more on the process that is (or was) happening in the darkroom. Over the last few years I have accepted the fact that digital photography in combination with the sophisticated software that is available these days, allows photographers a very similar level of creativity and spontaneity in the approach to selection and execution of images.

I was introduced to taking pictures and to the concept of looking at one’s surroundings through a viewfinder by my mother, who studied photography and used the end of the Berlin blockade as one of her study-exercises. Those black and white images that she created in 1948 are in my mind an ideal combination of artistic interpretation, personal view, and historic documentation.

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