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Tara McDermott 

Tara holds a BFA in photography from the University of Washington and exhibits at the Columbia City Gallery in Seattle, WA. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions including Vashon Island’s Koch Gallery, Moses Lake Art Museum, Lynnwood City Hall, and most recently at the Chase Gallery in Spokane, WA. Her public art can be seen on several King County Metro Bus Shelters and is included in the collections of Swedish Hospital and Group Health. Her studio is located in the historic Inscape Arts Building in SODO.


A Botanical Palette

The basis of my work is a constant exploration of the lush botanical beauty found in the Pacific Northwest. I'm particularly fascinated with the seasonal changes that occur over time. I love finding the beauty and romance in simple things and quiet places. I use a vintage medium-format camera to isolate particular details in order to heighten their importance in showing the circle of life: growth, death, and the stages in between. There's a sense of urgency in keeping up with the rapid changes that happen as plants grow, bloom, flourish, and later fade and die - I dare not miss a moment.

This exhibit features work from 3 series:

Coenosium - in which I reimagine how plants interact with each other. If they could choose to relate on a conscious level, what would they yearn for, how would they respond to one another? And what would that interaction look like? Do personal connections fulfill an emotional need that all living things have? Or does it already exist and we just don’t recognize it yet?

Botannicals – full-frame, minimum images of botanical color photographs. These were originally intended as raw material for my mixed media work, but I sometimes find the results work best as stand-alone images. The barest edge of the frame is included to help define and contain them.

Imagined Places - a series of mixed media photo and encaustic works that combine overlapped layers of film, which are scanned and transformed in Photoshop to make them more painterly and ethereal. Prints are mounted to a cradled wood panel and encaustic (a combination of beeswax and damar resin, a tree sap) is applied. Some images may have metal leaf added to the surface. A fantasy world emerges out of the everyday around us. Who knows which is truth and which is fiction?

All images are shot with a vintage medium-format, film-based Hasselblad camera.

Tara McDermott

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